Muaythai is one of martial arts dubbed as the art of superior, intense and most dangerous fighting with bare hand.

Samart Payakaroon is a well-known best Thai boxer in Mauy Thai circle.

Samart Payakaroon is a renowned boxer in Muay Thai  art and in a host of other circles in Thailand such as in entertainment, acting and music. Thanks to his Muay Thai finesse, genius, who was also successful in several other occupations that bring reputation to Thailand and; in particular, in the realm of Muay Thai .

Thanks to his sharp eye-magical -sight, finesse and nimbleness in the art of pugilistic fighting he possesses, he was able to win 4 Muay Thai Championships from Lumpini  Stadium; and a belt of world boxing championship from the World Boxing Council (WBC) and other two championships of honor. With excellent boxing skills and his inborn qualities, he was able to display the esthetics of Muay Thai skills which impressed both Thai and foreign fans alike; in particular, those who are a Muay Thai  buff.   For each of his fight in the boxing ring, he exhibited the nimbleness, the skill and finesse of boxing esthetically. His skill at bobbing and weaving to avoid hitting by his opponent cleverly earned his a nickname of “Payak Nayoke” or “ the fighter who came out  unscathed”. For throughout his 150 fights, he never sustained any cut or injury to his face at all.

For his handsomeness and good look typical of Thai men together with finesse in Muay Thai Martial Arts , he is renowned countrywide to the extent he was invited to join the entertainment circle full time. He then became a successful and famous singer, fashion model, commercial presenter during that time.

However, his love for Muay Thai  never leaves him. While he was engaged in the entertainment circle, he was still involved in the boxing activities in the boxing ring and had scored several successful fights astonishingly.

How many people in the world can be like him that can succeed in several occupations simultaneously, successfully and famously what he has laid his hands on?

And now Samart Payakaroon is ready and willing to share his pugilistic knowledge, skill, ingenuity, finesse and experience all which he has acquired in the boxing ring with the younger generation and everybody who is interested in Muay Thai Martial art so that Muay Thai is known to all people in the world.